For Control System

With the C7 systems you can:

  • Run user programs that have been programmed in STL or LAD and
  • loaded into the C7 CPU.
  • Process digital and analog signals using the C7’s integral I/O.
  • Use interrupt inputs and counters (for purposes including frequency metering,
  • period duration measurement).
  • Load and use MMI applications that you have created using the
  • “ProTool” or “ProTool/Lite” configuring tool.
  •  Use these configurations to monitor and intervene in the process you are
  • controlling with the user program.
  • Output data to a printer.

Glrassin provides Membrane Keyboard and Protective Flim for Control System C7 Opertor Panel HMI repair Replacement, which includes C7-613, C7-621, C7-623, C7-624, C7-626, C7-633, C7-634, C7-635, C7-636. All of them are with 6-months warranty.