For Comfort Panel

SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels are a fully redesigned product line of the Touch Panels and Key Panels. The product line includes the following models:
● Five key panels (operated by keyboard) with 4", 7", 9", 12" and 15" displays
● Six touch panels (operated by touch screen) with 7", 9", 12", 15", 19" and 22" displays.
● One Key&Touch Panel (operated by keyboard and touch screen) with 4" display size

Glrassin provides Touch Screen and Protective film for Siemens SIMATIC TP Comfort series HMI Replacement, which includes KTP400 Comfort, KP400 Comfort, KP700 Comfort, TP700 Comfort, KP900 Comfo, TP900 Comfort, KP1200 Comfort, TP1200 Comfort, KP1500 Comfort,  TP1500, TP1900 and TP2200 Comfort. All of the Touch Panel for TP Comfort Series Repair are with 6-Month Glrassin Warranty.