Touch Screen for UG221H FUJI Electric HMI Replacement

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With Glrassin 6 months warranty, 5.7 INCH Touch Screen for FUJI Electric HMI Graphic Terminal UG221H repair replacement. Glrassin Spare Parts are used to repair HMI machines.

Fuji Electric POD UG Series HMI UG221H 5.7-inch 320 x 240 0.36mm x 0.36mm TFT color LCD Display, Analog resistance film type, matrix resistance film type Analog: 1024 (W) x 1024 (H) Matrix: 20 (W) x 12 (H) One million activations or more Hard-coated, anti-glare treatment 5 Touch Screen

Free standard shipping is available for standard delivery of this touchscreen. Please carefully compare the dimensions with your machine and read the shipping and FAQ section before buying.  If you are not sure whether this touchscreen is suitable for your machine, send an email that attaches the picture of your old one with dimensions to us to confirm before you make the order. Our email address is

Touch Screen and Overlay for UG221H FUJI Electric HMI Replacement


Specific parameters:

Warranty: 6 months Supply: Touch Screen & Overlay
Size: 5.7 INCH
Model: UG221H

Suitable For the Following Part Number:

  • UG221H-LC4
  • UG221H-SC4
  • UG221H-TC4